Life is Binary Book, Best information on awakening – Just read it!

Life Is BinaryLife Is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation by Vivbala

This is the most enlightening and insightful book I have read so far in my life. The author who wrote it said that his intention with the book was: “When I wanted to write this book, I wanted it to be fully positive and let it flow.” He has certainly succeeded with that intention, I could find no negativity and the truth is the purest I have seen. There is no dogma, no religious connection; it is pure plain and simple truth that should not offend any reader. Because he worked so closely with himself to be sure it was positive and flowing, indeed the words flow from the source and hit you in the heart, you can’t be resistant to this kind of truth! It just sinks in… The words flow from his source in a logical and well organized manner, expressing the most profound basic truths about life, awakening and healing.

In this book he summarizes how one can prepare for an awakening experience by looking after the body, becoming aware of one’s conditioned mind and by opening to intuition and synchronicity. No matter at what stage you are in your healing or awakening journey, if you have questions and are looking for guidance on what to do next or simply if you need some inspiration, you will get it from this book on how to go forward in a new and exciting way. After some time passes, be sure to read it again, because you will get another layer of understanding from these words each time you read the book. That is because the author succeeded to write from the most authentic core of his being, the words are like magic and will touch you deep within.

The other great thing about this book is that the contents of the book come from first-hand experience from the author’s own healing experience of his panic attacks. The author shares in detail what he did to overcome his conditioning, fears and limitations to heal his panic attacks and more. He also offers the reader simple creative exercises and questions for them to consider. The chapter on Fear, discussion about synchronicity and suggestion we journal are all unique takes on these topics that I have not encountered before. I learned much from reading the book and am so thankful that I encountered it; I am now keeping my eyes open for more synchronicity to enter my life. This book has gone straight to the top of my favorite books list and I am recommending it to all my friends, contacts, clients and have put links on my websites and blogs.


A excellent book and only $3 in kindle version (you can download free kindle reader for PC if you don’t have the reading device). So much clarity and insight about solving any problem as well explaining the self-realized state succinctly, the author learned it all from healing his panic attacks (anxiety), through observation. That is actually where my healing journey started too. If you check out the preview and read the chapter Flash Crash Awakening, you will get gist of the book and know if you want to read more or not….

Life Is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation by Vivbala

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2 comments on “Life is Binary Book, Best information on awakening – Just read it!
  1. vivbala says:

    Hello Betsy,
    I am short of words to express my gratitude seeing this review. Your feedback validates my efforts and would inspire me further to write even better books.
    What was more interesting was your feedback on the fear chapter. I had to rewrite that chapter three times as it didn’t come out well. I realized that I got into fear whenever I started to write that chapter. It came to a point where I was able to write without fear then the chapter was born.
    Initial feedback of the book were all focused on the first chapter so I thought the insights did not reach the readers. Your review is a proof it did reach the serious audience I was looking for and gives me the much needed satisfaction of writing the book.
    Please continue your good work and I am very happy to have met you in this life journey.

    Best wishes,

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Vivbala, you are welcome and I am sure you will be writing more books and each one will be better. I think your book especially spoke to me because I have computer programming background and also had panic attacks appear ‘out of the blue’ while working in my profession. It was that event that really kick-started my self-inquiry and spiritual cultivation work. You know, like being put between a rock and a hard place, and not wanting to take the easy way out with medication and needing to keep it together for career and family. When you value your mind so much, and something like this happens, I think the hardest thing is to let the outside world see you might not have it all together like you project, they may even think you are crazy. Now, that we can’t have! I can understand the process you went through on the fear chapter to write it. To write about a topic we don’t yet fully understand and to be authentic, flowing and positive, now that is the most challenging topic! Because fear I think is the main thing that keeps us in identification with our fake self-created reality, it underlies every egoic reaction we have and only in the state of pure love could one be said to be free of fear. So that impressed me, that you knew you had to go beyond your fear to be able to write that chapter, and i can imagine at the time you didn’t understand what a momentous task that would be! Nevertheless, because of your intention for the vision of your book you succeeded. I am not surprised that initial feedback is focused on the first chapter, as that reflects the attention span of most people. When I come across what I determine to be excellent information, then I put my energy into promoting it, so this I have done. I think it would be good to have someone edit the book to fix the typos, not that typos affect my ability to comprehend the text but for some readers it can stop them from reading more. I think the order and content is excellent, so the editing left to do is not much. Then you might release a second edition and put in amazon for print edition which you can do with createspace website, because i feel this book can go viral… If you need information on how to do that, i published a book this way and can share what I know. I am sure if you want an editor one will volunteer for you. I would do it, but the reality is english grammer is not my best skill. For sure I will continue in my work, as I am sure you will. Stay in touch. Namaste’ Betsy

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