Is there a limit to our capacity for self-healing?

Betsy: “Can’t we trust that we can be healed of all defects no matter what condition ails us, if only we surrender to the healer within?”

Anonymous:  For example, one who falls sick (even Buddha became sick and died) will know how to receive and transform that pain and anguish into non-suffering and compassion. One no longer grasps at the concept of an ideal healthy body, for we all know that that does not exist in the relative world.

I agree in so far that moving along on this path of healing our personality, we becomes much better at transforming pain, or better said: letting it go. When we release emotional, mental or physical energy that is being held by the personality, this energy is not lost. Rather it is transformed into light energy resulting in a higher state of vibration. Our awareness increases as well our ability to heal from all kinds of things. How can we know the limit to our capacity for self-healing if we are not fully enlightened?

What I observe in the last weeks is a real ability to heal my body – it is happening. What I thought were birth defects are being healed. I will detail this later when I have time to write it up. Many insights are coming to me about healing over the last 4 months, yet also I know my personality is still intact. I am sure my desire for our healing potential is likely beyond what is possible, because i see that nobody lives forever. I take the warning here and stay realistic.

Yet, I won’t limit myself to the existing knowledge base of our collective consciousness. I like to push the frontier and question the existing, this is part of our expanding our awareness. Many people rarely question things and often observe when people are presented with new information that shakes their belief system, it is normal reaction they don’t want to know about it.   We are constantly changing and it looks like we are only starting to touch the tip of our potential. I am convinced there is much more that we are capable of, we only have to realize it. It makes sense to me that if we can fully enlighten ourselves, then we are pure energy and thus can have unlimited capacity for sustaining an existing body or making a entirely new body if we choose to do so.

March 24, 2006

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