Poem: The Beauty of a Rose


 The Beauty of a Rose All Can Appreciate

The petals of a rose,
transport us to a space
of quiet appreciation.
Pondering the beauty of nature,
there is no desire to change the rose,
we love it as it is…

Isn’t this unconditional love?

The same can be said about you.
Looking into your eyes and
sensing your presence
I love you exactly as you are.

You are like a beautiful rose,
different from all other roses
unique and irreplaceable.

There is nothing you could change
about yourself to make me love you more.
There is nothing you can give to me
and nothing I need from you
that would allow me to love you more.

You are loved as you are.

Like the moon in the sky at sunrise
your smiling face and twinkling eyes
reflect all the love that I could ever need.

Happy Father’s Day!
Love Betsy
June 18, 2006

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