Poem: Nice to Meet You!

Poem: Nice to Meet You!

I don’t know how you arrived HERE so fast
but I see the path you took is not important
that you are here now is all that matters.

While reading your poetic expression
I felt like you were speaking for me
saying exactly what needed to be said.

You’ve given me an experience of the truth
seeing my face reflected back at me
from the depths of your being.

Knowing that I am you and you are me
interest to manipulate your energy to gain things for myself
or to get validation no longer has interest.

Typing this words makes be laugh
to see the futility of the game we’ve been playing for so long
to arrive at the truth we’ve been fighting with ourselves!

I am full of wonder about unexplored horizons
when I see that a only a small beam of light poking through
can have such an effect to enlighten our darkness.

For now I will pause and ponder the wonder of
the light of the full moon reflecting tonight
into millions of puddles on the earth.

~ Betsy ~
October 18, 2013 – 1:58 PM
Happy Full Moon!

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