How to Do Self-healing by Doing Nothing

Quote: “ And he did straiten them in the wilderness with his rod; for they hardened their hearts, even as ye have; and the Lord straitened them because of their iniquity. He sent fiery flying serpents among them; and after they were bitten he prepared a way that they might be healed; and the labor which they had to perform was to look; and because of the simpleness of the way, or the easiness of it, there were many who perished.” [2] But few understood the meaning of those things, and this because of the hardness of their hearts. But there were many who were so hardened that they would not look, therefore they perished. Now the reason they would not look is because they did not believe that it would heal them.” [3]Book of Mormon

I have been working with self-healing for over 10 years, and I understood this at the time I started: that the energy of ‘god’ could heal me if I would only allow it. Finding out how to do this simple thing, to just ‘look’, took me many years to accomplish, but eventually I got quite good at it. Look = Observe = Listen = Not-think = have no intention or idea = totally quiet mind = zero thinking. Simple looking is like gazing, and the focus of one’s gaze can be in the external world, such as looking at a solid brass serpent, or it can be the focal point somewhere inside one’s body, such as observing one’s breathing happening all by itself. This practice of ‘looking’ is the same that is known for 1,000’s of years as the practice of meditation.

Around 3 years ago, my meditation deepened and I was able to determine when I was successfully ‘looking purely’ and when I was not (noisy mind voice). It was at this same time that a spontaneous healing started in my body, and has continued since the onset. Observing this wonderful happening, then I realized a simple truth: ‘Healing happens when you sleep’. Every night when we go to sleep, then at some time during the night, our mind goes totally quiet and the healer that exists within ourselves, wakes up in the space of our quiet and work to heal us. We all know that we feel a little better, more healed, with more energy when we wake up in the morning – no matter at what level our health or age is. We need sleep, and the reason is, is this is the time when ‘we let go of our mind’, and allow healing to happen in our body.

Yet, we all eventually see, as we age and acquire disease, that the time spent in sleep each night is not enough to fully restore our body to vibrant health or maintain a homeostasis. So then back to the quote, if you want to heal, then practice simple looking as much as you can each waking day. This is exactly what I found to be true, there is sufficient energy in my body as the source or spirit of my creator or ‘healer within’ to heal me, but it only happens if ‘I” (the mind-voice, the doer) steps aside and allows it. One can get more time in for ‘healing’ when one practices meditation during the day, thus is also what is needed when a disease has developed. Disease can only develop and one degenerates from it, because one doesn’t have sufficient energy to heal it. Thus why one needs to get more energy to heal, and the way is to: simply look.

“Now the reason they would not look is because they did not believe that it would heal them.”

This is so true of people, and why they will not do a simple thing to heal them. It is because people feel they have to do something to heal themselves, and looking is felt by the person as not doing anything. Thus one feels like one is losing control over one’s healing process or life if one practices ‘doing nothing’. I don’t know if the one reading this can understand this: Doing Nothing is Allowing God to Work within you. While you are busy with your doing, then you effectively keep god at bay. It is only by doing nothing, that god can fully heal you. The choice is in your hands, yet it takes trust that this will work, in order to be able to ‘test it’, or allow it. Most people choose not to do self-healing via the route of ‘looking’ as they prefer to ‘do it themselves’, and we see the result – nothing works.

It does not matter what disease one has, all disease can be healed in this way. This is because the source of you, the healer within, knows exactly how to heal every system in your body. If you deeply understand this, then you see the simple truth is revealed on how to heal yourself. To heal needs no intention on your part (intention, ideas, all these come out of thinking, and thus won’t work, because if you have some idea, then you are not purely ‘looking’). You only have to set aside time each day to allow ‘your healer’ to ‘emerge or come alive’ and go to work and heal you. This happens all by itself, when you truly can enter state of quiet mind or simple looking. It will take practice to get good at this, but each time you practice it, the number of seconds you can stay quiet will increase over time. Each second of quiet mind counts, as the energy of your healer works miracles at ‘the speed of light’. While awake and meditating and when your length of time to stay quiet gets longer, it will eventually feel a lot like ‘sleeping’, but your aren’t, you are aware and still can observe your body, so it more like watching yourself asleep.

Lastly, I don’t get the interpretation from this scripture that some get, that one needs to do coitus to heal, to raise sexual energy and then not to allow orgasm. This I never found to be true nor necessary during my healing process. This interpretation confounds the simplicity of the instruction: just look. In one’s healing process if sexual energy is needed to be expressed (orgasm), then it will happen by itself. It needs no intention. The truth is that orgasm energy is the highest one can raise in the body, and after orgasm is expressed, then electrical energy travels up the spine through the nervous system and brings high energy into the brain, which can be very healing. Realize that raising sexual energy doesn’t need to be an intention nor should it be repressed, it’s more like when you are thirsty drink, when you are tired sleep, etc.

I have instructions for free on how to do simple meditation and I have a higher-level energetic healing technique using reiki and acupressure. I think this is the best tool I have, because it helps one to go into the state of quiet mind or simple looking because it effectively raises the bodies’ vibration (excites the nervous system), which can shake one out of the zone of ‘endless chattering’ or thinking. There is a body relaxation technique and how to do a standing meditation.

It is not my intention to promote my techniques, but rather to encourage people to take on their own healing process and experiment with various things. What I can offer is my testimonial from my own result of full healing of a congenital disease. When I regularly practiced the technique of simple ‘looking’, then indeed healing happened in my body. It is free to experiment and try various meditation tools and make the decision for yourself rather than just believe what I say. It only needs your time and commitment; nothing is needed to be purchased. To be able to make a fair assessment if a self-healing tool works, one must use it daily for at least 3 weeks.

To fully heal from a disease, will not happen in one hour of successful ‘simple looking’. It took years to build up your disease, and it will take many hours of your practice to reverse it. See the positive side of a long process, degeneration STOPS as soon as you get effective in ‘pure looking’ and healing is happening, just know it takes it’s time. For me, it has been around 5,000 hours of doing this, and each hour makes me closer to being fully healed of every problem I had in my body, where being near 50 years of age, this covered a large gamut of various problems. Self-healing is a hard process to go through, but the alternative isn’t very good: nothing else works, pills and surgeries don’t treat the root cause and effect a cure, one continues each day to age and degenerate and the suffering goes on.


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