self-realizationSelf-realization is a gradual process where awakening steps happen over time due to wisdom received experientially, from observing internal reactions and asking questions about what we are observing. In a nutshell, awakening steps happen when we detach from parts of ourselves that give us identity. Identity can be understood collectively to be our personality, our entire past history or physical self. There are 4 main identity layers, which have to do with how things are created; they are the body, mind, emotions and soul. In the awakening journey, you start at the densest layer the body, and move through the other layers over time. Within each layer there are multiple smaller steps to be discovered before we move to the next layer. Self-realization can also be seen as a gradual dissolving of our personality, or as a healing process, which happens in reverse order of how our personality was constructed. Enlightenment is complete when the personality has completed dissolved and you are fully as one with the source. Often after people have the first awakening experience they think they are enlightened, but this is not so, it is only the beginning. To make gains in self-realization the two most important things to do each day are daily meditation and self-inquiry. The more effective you do these, the quicker your transformation will be. Directions for meditation are in Transformation Tools


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