Spiritual Emergency Retreat Center

It occurs to me that on a percentage basis, more women will be awakening as compared to men in the coming years. This wave of awakening women will help to raise the feminine frequency, which is opposite of male that currently dominates our physical world. As the feminine vibration increases on the planet, this will significantly raise the overall collective vibration moving all to higher level of awareness as the male and female energies entrain to each other. Thus every female that awakens is very important to our collective ascension efforts, and we do not want to lose even one…

More people awakening today are having it happen to them unexpectedly (without doing meditation) and at younger ages than in the past. I think this is due to our collective consciousness level being at a high level, which is triggering more people to awaken. Many of them struggle with mental health symptoms as the first healing reaction that arises. A typical person will be stuck in the consumer way of life, may have a partner that has no understanding about what is happening to their significant other, and some of these people have children. People awakening suddenly like this usually have some form of Spiritual Emergency or Spiritual Crisis, mainly because a lack of knowledge about his natural growing process. Spiritual crisis (also called “spiritual emergency“) is a form of identity crisis where an individual experiences drastic changes to their meaning system (i.e., their unique purposes, goals, values, attitude and beliefs, identity, and focus) typically because of a spontaneous spiritual experience.

Finding information about what is happening to them, getting quality information about how to work with awakening, finding time and space to learns the basic skills and nurture their awakening without getting trapped into taking pharmaceutical mind drugs to calm down their symptoms are all challenges these people have that needs a resolution.

It starts to clarify in the last weeks, that I want to create or join a healing/retreat/community center, with other capable aware adults to assist in operation, training and support to help these newbie’s (male & female awakened ones) get on their feet without having to lose their current job, family or all their resources or get lost in mental health problems. I’m thinking a 21 day intensive retreat filled with instruction, lectures, practice sessions, nature walks, etc, which would also be a working retreat in that participants would help with daily work/chores as part of supporting the retreat center/community.

I don’t know where this center will be, but I am willing to relocate. I am interested in hearing from you if you are ready to hit the ground running with such a project and understand the importance of it. I envision a group of several awakened men or women working together on this project. I am thinking of getting it started ASAP. A  discussion group can be formed immediately to start discussing and forming plans.

Love & Blessings,

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36 comments on “Spiritual Emergency Retreat Center
  1. Deborah says:

    I’m with you on this sentiment! Much needed… if you get more replies and it starts looking like something is forming, count me in if you can 🙂

  2. Marlee Shore says:


    This sounds amazing, something that myself and many others could benefit from. So grateful for your site

  3. Eric says:

    This sounds like a great idea. I would like to be part of this quest in helping people awaken, which is the most if not the only purpose here on earth. Please count me in and let me know if anything develops.

  4. Jules says:

    Agreed. Please keep me in the loop about this.

  5. Vignesh says:

    Hi Betsy,

    I would love to be part of this. It would be a great benefit to all of us who are seeking answers and some form of stability.

  6. Joseph Cosmos says:

    Howdy Y’all,
    Betsy, thank you so much for this post. Since a traumatic experience as a teenager I’ve had kundalini things happen. To have read other people’s experiences that resonate with mine really helps. I’ve had some good cries knowing I’m not alone! Yes, for me being in a place with other people sharing that experience would be so beneficial. Please keep me informed.
    Thank you,
    Joseph Cosmos

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Thanks for your interest Joseph. At the moment I don’t see this project coming together, but who knows, things can change quickly! I will let you know if it manifests.

  7. Rachel says:

    Hi Betsy,
    My name is Rachel, and I have had active Kundalini for the last four years. Having had several crises myself and going through a mini one again, I would love to see something like this grow. I am currently a mechanical engineer exploring ideas for a gradual career switch into a more healing field. Right now I’m in Florida, and I’m open to relocating as well.
    I don’t have any money to help you start up, and I’d probably have to keep a day job for a while to pay bills. But I’m interested in helping. Let me know if you have more momentum to get this off the ground.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Rachel, thanks for your interest in this project. I hope in the next weeks to start putting more energy into this idea and see where it can go. I will put your contact information on my list of interested participants. If you need help with your current mini crisis you can email me with your concerns.

  8. samantha says:

    This is a fantastic idea!! keep me in the loop, i was one of those nearly lost to the process i had a sudden awakening during guided meditation around 6 months after leaving my twin flame connection. The amount that went through my head nearly ended up killing me, i had masses of issues, your retreat will save lives.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Samantha, I’ll keep you in the loop. You would be great helper to others in such a project having been through it yourself.

  9. Jessica Birenbach says:

    Hi Betsy,
    I think this is a terrific idea! I’ve been going through some tough times and there is little support around me.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jessica, wish I could offer you more right now. I’ll keep you updated if something develops as far as the retreat center. I can answer specific question in email if you like to write me and highly recommend the Yahoo Group: ‘Kundalini Support Network’. Betsy

  10. Holly Webb says:

    Hi Betsy!
    I am a therapist in Texas. I have been going through my own Kundalini awakening for the past two years. I have been very fortunate to have someone guide me through it but it’s still been very difficult. I’ve also had several clients who have had awakenings since mine. It’s been frustrating because there is not a lot of support and they have not had the resources to get the help they need. I would be very interested in talking with you. I have a passion for working with people who are experiencing various spiritual awakenings and I would like to help create a place for people to get the ongoing support that is needed especially in a spiritual emergency.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Holly, thanks for sharing and your interest in this project. Each passing day more people are interested in it, not only to receive the assistance but to help. I have several projects I need to finish in the near term but would like to talk to you about your ideas in a few weeks. Please send me an email later and we can make time to talk and brainstorm. Perhaps I can make a google discussion group and invite the other people to it that have also shown interest? It is great to see your passion for this and you have the skills needed. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  11. Carol Fleitz says:

    Hello Betsy,

    Jules shared your discussion thread with me yesterday. Your work with people going through spiritual emergency and kundalini awakening is so needed in this world.
    My husband and I have a retreat center in the Misty Blue Mountains of Western North Carolina that is a potential good fit for the healing center you are seeking.
    Our retreat is in the heart of an informal community of people in healing professions who chose to live as neighbors based on our common passions for helping people find their inner healer and deepen their connection to spirit. We honor the wide spectrum of spiritual traditions without favoring any one in particular.
    The members of the community each own their homes and land. There are some homes and land within and adjacent to the community that are available. This retreat center is in a quiet, protected cove and the community members live in the mountain surrounding it. The whole place here is immersed in nature; shady forests, gurgling fresh streams, panoramic mountaintop views, sacred sites and a conscious community who cares about the planet and all of her beings.
    I would love to support you in the important work you are doing.
    Will you please consider this community and retreat center as a stage for doing this important work in the world?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Carol, this is a wonderful place you all have established there in North Carolina which I could see from your website.
      I think it would be excellent fit too as your message comes to me right at the point I am wondering what to do next,
      and now it becomes clear I will now put my energy into this vision. I will create a discussion group for people
      who have been interested in this project and invite you and them to it. I think the awakening process is accelerating
      quite a bit now and many such places will be needed in the short term and perhaps afterward those people then
      join together and more longer term communities ‘like yours’ can be established.
      Love & Blessings,

  12. Jorge Caneda says:

    I’d be interested in a Retreat Center to support people undergoing this tremendous, mysterious, cataclysmic experience.
    It would have to be ecumenical, based on tolerance of each individual’s experience, expressed in spiritual language or not. I had my initial experience of this powerful energy during a tantric sex experience in December of 2008. I was totally unprepared. Apparently I have a lot of crud to clean up in my being (physical, emotional, mental). Among other things I live with a genetic condition, diastrophic dysplasia, which affects the structure of collagen (i.e. fascia, ligaments, tendons, etc.), which seems to be adding complexity to the trip.
    The “spiritual” language is highly confusing to me. It is during this process that I have started to respect everyone’s description of the phenomena they have experienced, though I am skeptical of conceptual extrapolations from the subjective experience as being applicable to anyone else but the particular kundalini traveler. Though it is clear that the hindus, buddhists and sufi’s have documented this experience, it is also true that they fight among each other as to which path is the right path. I have also come across a Catholic man’s book describing his kundalini experience. He refused to guide me because I couldn’t accept his particular conceptual catholic paradigm.
    It is thus difficult for me to find guidance, though I do hitch up with people for parts of the journey until our paths separate.
    Kundalini travelers seem able to recognize each other, that is, the kundalini in each of us recognizes the kundalini in the other.
    Kundalini travelers can distinguish betw. people that talk about kundalini and people that have experienced it.
    I am currently reading William Bodri’s “The Little Book of Hercules: The Physical Aspects of the Spiritual Path Paperback – July 18, 2011. Have not read your book yet. I will, like I have many such documenting someone’s kundalini experience.
    My life has been turned 180 degrees, my character, body, interests, focus, etc. My biggest challenge is surrendering, yielding, letting go. My body holds tight every step of the way.

    I also react to language that creates an “us” (the awoken one’s) and a “them”. Or higher self vs. lower self. Or “new evolutionary step” in human history. I have dedicated my life to purging elitism from my karma. The truth is, I don’t know that I disagree with such descriptions, only that I don’t quite grasp the need to describe things that way. If any of us has come to a place of compassion and egolessness, there is no separation, no higher self. If you meet the buddha on the road Kill him.

    Warm regards to all from Staten Island, on a sunny warm day, with an intense kundalini pain in my upper and lower body’s, that is very difficult to live and not live with.

    Jorge Caneda Schad (Spaniards use both last names, the father’s and the mother’s)

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Jorge, thanks for sharing your experience, interests, challenges and opinions on kundalini and awakening. I also have a form of dysplasia since birth, but not the type you have. I was really challenged during my kundalini transformation to go through the parts of opening up the the fascia, ligaments, tendons, bone defects and fused sutures due to my birth defects. But, I got through it and today nearly all that is healed. I also felt like only 1/2 the energy as a typical person might have, because the right side was so compressed. The electric flow is much less on that side, although today, this is opening by leaps and bounds and is amazing how much energy surges into that side now and opens up the body.

      I’m still working on the retreat idea, it’s picking up some momentum now. For sure, it would not have any set religious framework and would be open to people from all walks of life and be a growing place, where new ideas would be welcome. I start to write a basic program for helping those in spiritual crisis, which would be the starting point to get it launched. Then we observe results and effectiveness of participants and tweak it as we learn, just Like life itself, it would evolve and change.

      On my part, I rarely have a problem with specific words that people use to describe things, knowing that the words people use is due to habit and their history and background. If I find I get an internal reaction from a particular word, I just notice that is MY reaction and let it go. Because I know when I focus on a word (or anything for that matter) then I have dropped out of the present moment and am now chattering away internally. This is clinging to what appears in consciousness (one’s reaction) and is a state of resistance to ‘what is’ and if I keep hanging onto it, then it does not allow that I can see the underlying energy or message being conveyed. It’s like when someone is talking to you and you stop listening, because the internal chatter starts up. Then you have to ask the other person, what did you say again? Or you have to reread the sentence. So i just read along allowing it to come into me and then I can receive the message being conveyed no matter what words choices they use. Words carry the energetic expression of the speaker. But people can easily get hung up on a word and miss what is being conveyed.

      Welcome from Staten Island and I did know that Spaniards used both last names as I lived in Spain for 5 years.


  13. Kim Deso says:

    Hi Betsy, A spiritual sister found this website for us, as we have been supporting each other through our process. I have taken a very long path, it seems, that started as a teenager. I am so happy to find your information and to, also, find that we have many similar goals. The idea of a retreat center for healers and those awakening has been with me for well over 12 years, around the time I began my work in assisting others to heal. I am a traditionally trained psychotherapist, and have a business doing holistic healing work. I am a LMT, hypnotherapist, energy worker, life coach etc. Please include me in your discussions. Love & Light to you! Great gratitude!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for making connection with me. Nice to know you are on the same path, have done all this hard work and are now giving back to help others. At the moment there is no discussion happening or anything manifest with this idea. I am still open to give my energy to a project like this, so let me know if anything comes from your end as I will do as well with you. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  14. nikki says:

    would love to talk to you more sometime before too long/see where you are in your process as i realize this was posted some time ago! i have very aligned values and interests/future visions and feel this is a SUPER important and much needed area of work for our future as a planetary whole… thanks!

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Nikki, please contact me in email and we can discuss this idea. I feel ready to participate in this project now. Betsy

  15. Bren says:

    Hello to everyone who posted here. I feel so blessed to come upon this string of messages! I am a clinical social worker by trade and had a 6-week spiritual awakening in 2011 that abruptly ended one day under unusual circumstances. I have been experiencing intense anxiety, depression, isolation, and confusion ever since and am unable to sleep or function well at work. My spiritual quest occupies much of my time and I am desperately in search of a teacher who can guide me through the lonely darkness of this process. I would very much be interested in helping this center come to fruition. Please let me know if there’s any way I can be of service. Blessings! Bren

    • betsy rabyor says:

      HI Bren, thank you for your interest in helping with the spiritual emergency healing retreats.
      The first thing that needs to be done is to find a place where they can happen, which probably needs money/investment in land or purchase of an existing space or someone having a place where people can use it for little money. I’ve given this some thought recently of the kinds of programs I would like to offer, which is mainly about teaching people basic ways to use their innate tools of observation, insight, etc, to explore their mind, emotions and appearances and find out how it works so they can become master over what appears in the mind vs. feeling they have no control over it. I envision short retreats from a weekend to 10 days, run by several people which would have cost to attend, this money would then support the community. The next thing it needs is people that are committed to it and helping others awaken is of utmost important for them and that these people have high level of self-realization. If someone else reading here has financial resources, land or place and would like to join this project, that would be great. I would be willing to put my income into the project and/or help pay for mortgage/land. I can then start a private email discussion group or something like that where, interested helpers can come up with a plan of action and intention for the project. Love & Blessings, Betsy

  16. Jennifer says:


    I am on the awakening path and so amazed your experience is so similar to mine, Betsy. I went through an incredibly painful experience, although I have been a “healer” for over 20yrs. I, too, am on the same path and feel called to help others in a larger capacity. I would like others to know they are not going insane, there is support, techniques and practices to ease the spiral of Kundalini! This is a lifetime process and gets easier!
    I would love to participate in a center, retreat, etc..
    I come from a business marketing, pr/branding background and have extensive Fundraising experience. (I also live in WI)

  17. Olivia says:


    I just came across your post looking to see if something like this exists, because it’s something I’ve had deep in my heart to create, yet can’t seem to figure out where to get started and how to get unstuck from this system myself. I REALLY need a way to get a break from the craziness and just focus on what’s important for a while, and eventually everybody will need the same. I’m ready to make it happen, somehow. Do you have a place or property in mind where this could develop?

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Hi Olivia,
      Thank you for your interest in a Spiritual Emergency Retreat Center.

      So far there is nothing in the works, with place or property.
      I am still interested in this project, but somebody needs to come
      forward that has the property where it can be developed, as I do
      not have resources for that aspect.

      In the meantime, I guess it’s best if we just accept our current surroundings
      trusting it is perfect for us and learn how to be calm in the craziness.
      For sure, living in community is not an easy thing to do, so the stronger
      we are before moving to one the easier it will be.

      I will keep your information and let you know if something develops.

      Love & Blessings,

  18. celestine says:

    Blessings dear Betsy,

    It’s a long time ago you started this discussion. I just found it today and send you my blessings and all my love…hoping you have started already the Spiritual Emergency Retreat Center.
    Very much resonating with your vision and blessed to read all posts here. I have experienced myself spiritual crisis and many health challenges… I navigated safely to this day and I am happy to help. I am 49 years old, trained in Education,Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing modalities, Naturopathy and more. Currently helping cancer patients with identifying and healing the psychosomatic “root cause” of cancer in tandem with diet. Please let me know where you are on your path to create a center… Would Romania interests you and the group you gathered around this vision?
    Sending you all my love and blessings, I look forward to your message.

    • betsy rabyor says:

      Dear Celestine, Sorry for delay in posting your comment and my reply. It’s been a busy spring for me. Thank you for your interest in this project, it is something just coming into my radar again and I would like to get this going now but at this time it is not started. I live in the United States and am currently not interested in relocation. I think you would be valuable team member with good experience and skills to help run such a project. To get this project going it needs money which I believe we could get through a Fundraising campaign, but first I would need to take time to refine and update this vision and also to form a non-profit to which the money raised would go into. Thanks for bringing this back to my attention and will update this article on the blog when something is moving. Love & Blessings, Betsy

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