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I Am Aware

Seeing through the charade of the brain, that there is nothing to get, that one is innately aware.

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Longing for Love

Longing for Love I had an experience a few months ago after understanding that “I” as an individual do not  exist, that the reality is all is One: I AM THAT I AM. Every being and everything alive has the

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Poem: What’s It Like to Be Aware?

Poem: What’s it like to be aware and how does it happen? There is no internal chatter thinking is totally silent knowing is instant and direct. There is no emotion one’s body is totally relaxed filled with blissful tingling. Sound

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Tanka: Transformation

Tanka: Transformation Deep meditation Holding breath – I will NOT think! crossing the threshold… QUIET!!! Deep sleep feels like death AWARE!!! Old replaced by new. ~ Betsy ~ March 9, 2009

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