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Healing Our Wounded Past

Picture shared from Native American’s Online Website Healing Our Wounded Past It has been a few days of confusion, as I process information that is coming from me on all sides. This morning while reflecting, that thought came to me

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Alternative Viewpoints

In the lasts days it occurs to me that there are two ways to look at any happening. I’ve written several articles along these lines based on dreaming, roles, doubt and other such topics. Today I am realize these are

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Sharing Our Heart

Sharing Our Heart: A Gift That Can Change The World Why do we want to give? Most of us think that by giving of ourselves or by giving a gift, we are helping others or showing our love for others.

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Getting Along With Each Other

I see that we are all One, but also that we are separate, existing as individuals on this planet, where each of us is an integral part, making up the Whole. As such, I see that each of us is

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Is There a Beginning In A Conflict?

A conflict happens when two parties don’t see things the same way. This is normal because as individual’s receiving our own interpretation of events coming out of our own individual histories, it is rare that we ever will come to

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A Dog Is Easy To Please

I see that a dog is easy to please if you give it what it needs. The main thing they want from you is confirmation for their existence, which you can give to them simply by recognizing they are alive,

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