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Awakening & Cranial Sacral System Expansion

This is what our cranial sacral system looks like: With awakening, this is the main part in the body that is energizing and loosening. As it energizes it enlivens and physically loosens and this ‘expanding light’ then spreads out from

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Life is Binary Book, Best information on awakening – Just read it!

Life Is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation by Vivbala This is the most enlightening and insightful book I have read so far in my life. The author who wrote it said that his intention with the book

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Poem: Fear is Not Present

Poem: Fear is Not Present Fear, the master of my emotions. Forgetting the present, being self-centered. Time wasted, fearful of the future and events that rarely happen. Events are stressful because of what I expect. Vivid imaginings of how they

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Tanka: Letting Go Of Fear

Tanka: Letting Go Of Fear Letting go of fear stretching hand to stroke wild cat returned connection. Being drawn towards the silence fading into the background. ~ Betsy ~ April 10, 2005

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