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Kundalini Awakening Help – Discussion Group

I have started a Kundalini & Awakening Help discussion group in Facebook.  The numbers of people awakening is greatly increasing right now, and I feel by coming together in discussion on this topic, we can help spread information about this

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Life Gives Signs How to Change

Several interesting things happened walking today with my dog. The first is we met Merlin, a boy friend of my dog, where they had time to play with each other. What was different is Merlin was being walked by Martha,

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Are Instincts the Best Guide to Follow?

Question: Are Instincts the Best guide to follow? I think when you ask this question you are really asking is your ‘gut feeling’ your best guide to follow. For me a ‘gut feeling’ is not the same as the survival

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Can you Die from Kundalini Awakening?

Question: I read that if people have no enlightened teacher as a guide and if Kundalini energy awakened, the person without any guidance could die. That the body would deteriorate if energy trapped in chakras does not flow up to

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