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Too Young to Die

Too Young to Die ?                 Yesterday, I felt compelled to write an article entitled: Ascension & Autoimmune disorder to help other people. I stayed up late to get it written. After I

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Long Story of My Creative Process

The Long Story of My Creative Process I went to a “Paint Bar” yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin with my son Corey and made my first acrylic painting ever on a canvas! I actually have not drawn a picture since my

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The Lovers

I see that three integrations of male and female energies happen when couples meet each other, which correspond to sexual, conditional and unconditional or Universal Love.  (The picture on the The Lovers card above depicts these 3 levels.) The way

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Complete Surrender?

Can you do a Complete Surrender to the Guru? “If you are with two people and you both totally accept the other, the two become like one being. Even for one moment, if you experience something as part of yourself,

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Let’s End the Israel/Palestine Conflict by US making Peace

Ending the Israel/Palestine Conflict begins with US making Peace This conflict has been going on a long time, in fact many thousands of years, and it is not just an Israel/Palestine conflict, infact this conflict exists everywhere on the planet!

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Healing Our Wounded Past

Picture shared from Native American’s Online Website Healing Our Wounded Past It has been a few days of confusion, as I process information that is coming from me on all sides. This morning while reflecting, that thought came to me

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Longing for Love

Longing for Love I had an experience a few months ago after understanding that “I” as an individual do not  exist, that the reality is all is One: I AM THAT I AM. Every being and everything alive has the

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What Is Healing?

What is Healing? Imagine you are thinking about something and at the same time you are cutting a vegetable with a knife. Because you are lost in thought, you are not paying attention to what you are doing in the

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How Can I Return to Blissful Feeling of Oneness?

Question: I had a very intense experience with a woman half way across the globe from where I live. It all happened in a magical way. I had published a short article on being still. A number of readers responded

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