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Responding in a Fresh Way

 “There is another way besides using will power to break our habitual response patterns. The ideal response is to be totally aware in the moment when the challenge arises, so we see the event as fresh and unique and do

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When Meditating My Mind Starts Up

Question: “I’m new in meditation and this is what’s going on with me. When I follow my breathing and I am successful in not thinking, and am only observing the flow of breath – it’s that one moment when I

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Change the World by Changing Oneself

If we could learn to see others beyond the acts & deeds of their egos can we change the world? Question: “If we no longer saw the error in others at all but only that which is real, without agendas,

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Why Do We Watch Other People?

Why do we watch other people? Today, Michael and I were nailing pallets together making a compost bin. I gave some very short nails to Michael to nail thin boards onto the pallets and gave a warning: “Be careful that

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Tanka: Watching the Watcher

Tanka: Watching the Watcher Watching the watcher questioning one’s reaction looking for the cause. Finding out one knows nothing one can set aside the mind. ~ Betsy ~ October 16, 2005

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