Transformation Tools

On this page I have various transformation tools for self-healing for the mind, emotions, body and spirit. I also include information about distance healing which is a healing tool itself. This is so, because when we give a healing we also receive one. To come to a full healing which can also be seen as pure enlightenment, there are many steps along the way, and no part of ourselves will remained untransformed or untouched. All our beliefs, deep seated habit energies, thinking and emotional reaction patterns and daily life activities will eventually come to the forefront for contemplation and modification or letting go. Healing is a gradual growing process, of transforming our personality or ‘fixed habit energy’ into a spontaneous and free flowing form. This involves all parts of ourselves in four main energetic layers that give us personal identity and healing proceeds in this order: body, mind, emotions and soul. The most important healing tools are to do meditation of some form each day, to question your reactions (self-inquiry), to get daily exercise and eat the healthiest diet possible. Finding out which kind of healing tool will benefit you depends upon the current awareness step you are working on and is partly trial and error. You have to try it to see if it works for you. If not, then move on to the next tool but don’t switch too often. It is best to try a new tool for at least 3 weeks each day, so you can observe the effect. Using several different forms of meditation is recommended each week. Be sure to check the links and books for other healing tools.

Distance Healing

Emotional Healing

Energy Healing