What is your vision?

What is the vision of one’s heart? Is one’s vision of who you will be or what you could do stored inside of you, inspired from what came before, laid down before you were even born? Or are we just envisioned as we go along, grown with the potential to create a new vision being inspired from what came before? Or could it be both? Our base or lot in life being a foundation or building block, and then we add to it as we go along, making new decisions based on what is currently around, adding to future visions?

It seems certain that holding any image or vision of who you are or what you may do in your mind is a blinder to what is around. A big filter channeling everything that you perceive around you and inside of you into it, sorting things into a picture that makes sense to you, with the potential to miss out on other ways that your vision could be expressed.

When some speak of the vision of their heart, do they mean a vision that was built by responding to life to the best of their capability, which is the result of one’s life process? Or are they talking about something deep inside them – that was grown – their purpose and intent that they feel they need to express during their lifetime? Seems to be a little of both.

October 2000

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