Month: February 2014

What is your vision?

What is the vision of one’s heart? Is one’s vision of who you will be or what you could do stored inside of you, inspired from what came before, laid down before you were even born? Or are we just

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Tanka: Group of Fellow Drunks

Tanka: Group of fellow drunks Group of fellow drunks hurting souls open to share igniting love’s flame. Successful community grace in action – real life quotes. ~ Betsy ~ February 27, 2000

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Mirror within a mirror contemplation

Betsy’s Comment: “Seeing the old image of myself that was shattered, then I noticed in myself that I was creating a new image, it looks like to make myself feel better, or give some reason to continue on with the

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The Four Dark Nights & Four Awakenings

The Four Dark Nights & Awakenings  What is the Dark Night of the Soul? Dark night of the soul is a metaphor used in spiritual circles. The term describes a phase in one’s spiritual process, often marked by a sense

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Independence from Authorities

  BeiYin: “Better stay with your ‘personality’, play as many games around yourself as you need to feel confirmed, but better don’t make a split, otherwise you are on the best way to the mental hospital and before this you

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Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet & Fast

Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse Excerpt from “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” by Stanley Burroughs available through Essential Science Publishing. Lemon Cleanse Fast Recipe for Master Cleanse Diet For 1 Serving You’ll need: * 2 tablespoons FRESH squeezed lemon or

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The benefits of menopause hot flashes

“They say I’m crazy, but I don’t give a damn, that’s my prerogative…” That was my sentiment last week. This week I realize that my manifesting craziness is trying to tell me something… I’m very sensitive these days and I

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AA 4th step – Make a searching & fearless moral inventory of ourselves

“If you react out of your internal structure to do something, this is exactly the moment, when you can observe it and discover the root of the reaction – the ground of reality, then relate to this, see it clear,

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